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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

It would probably be wonderful if I could turn into a woman once a month, the same way that Jacob Black could turn into a wolf. That moment of transformation is now. This is my once a month experience of being a woman.

What's the essence of being a woman without wearing all those fashionable clothes and lingerie that defines my curves and assets? Of course, being a woman also requires answering at least 1 Miss Universe question. My Miss Universe question comes from Judge #2 – Miss Thei of Nuffnang Philippines:


Of course, I would answer it in the most fashionable way citing examples of some of the brightest Hollywood actress in the planet. I would begin it with the usual:

Thank you very much for the question Miss Thei. That's a very difficult and lovely question.

If I were to choose 3 outfits that I can fashionably wear my way with my pink Wacoal’s Versatile Wear It Your Way Bra, I would wear it the same way that these 3 women wore it with style and glamour:

wear it your way bra pink

First, I would wear it under a black sleeveless blouse like that of Brooke Shields. It gives the impression of grace, class and slimness. Since it’s a pink bra, it will somewhat give contrast to my blouse which would give a teaser to those who would see.

brooke shields from gofugyourselfdotcom

Next, I would wear it in an outfit that intentionally reveals half of the bra. I would wear it more fashionably than what Rihanna did. I would shy away from red but instead wear the same pink bra from Wacoal to reveal a younger, vibrant and playful part of me.

Norway Rihanna

Lastly, I would wear it as simple as what Kristen Stewart wear in one of those press conference. I would look as simple but stunning in a see-through white shirt, revealing my inner beauty and glamour. It would be wonderful to see all the press people looking at me intensely.

bella swan

That would be all. I thank you!

Of course, I would continue to be an ambassador of fashion and good will for Wacoal. You could also be as glamorous as these women by clicking the link below:


(Pictures of Brooke Shields, Rihanna and Kristen Stewart taken from,, and

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