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Thursday, June 13, 2013

“Man of Steel” with Nuffnang PH and Wacoal

Thank you Nuffnang Philippines and Wacoal for the free movie screening of "Man of Steel" yesterday at the Newport Cinema 2, Resorts World Manila. As always, it's a memorable movie event and we loved this latest reboot of the Superman movie.


The last 2 Superman movies I've seen (not including Man of Steel) stars Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh. This latest Superman movie starring Henry Cavill is light-years away in terms of story and the use of computer graphics (CGI) and special effects.

The movie starts on planet Krypton and it was shown in full details highlighting their advance culture and superior technology as far as genetics and space exploration is concerned. Superman (a.k.a. Kal-El) is an extraordinary Kryptonian even from the beginning. After all, his parents were Kryptonian scientist.

We all know what happened to Krypton and how Superman ended up on Earth. The movie also explained why he was not joined by his parents on his travel to Earth and how other Kryptonians escaped the destruction of Krypton.

What I like about the movie is how Clark Kent was raised by his Earth parents, showing his childhood through flashbacks and from his parents' point of view. The movie also provided some information on the life of Clark Kent before he became a reporter for The Daily Planet. I also loved the way the movie projected Superman as a normal human being just like any of us.

"Man of Steel" can also be seen as a prequel to the earlier versions of Superman. I believe that this movie will have 2-3 more sequels, just like what happened to Batman movies by Christopher Nolan. Since this is another Nolan movie, you will notice that it somehow have similarities with his previous projects. "Man of Steel" has the almost-real, happening-today, type of filmography.

I would highly suggest that you watch "Man of Steel" and be amazed once more by the Man in Red Cape.

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