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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Square Ville HOAI and the CMP

Square Ville Home Owners Association Incorporated (Square Ville HOAI) is located at Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan in Pasig City. It was organized in December 1, 2011 and is headed by its current president, Rodolfo Rabang from Camachile Street. The homeowners association is compose of 171 households. It has an HLURB Certificate of Registration NCR-HOA 11-0183 / 19156. Its present mailing address is at the president’s residence at Block1, Lot 4.


The Nagpayong Sub-Barangay which houses the emergency preparedness equipment. It’s located along Sandoval Avenue, in front of Molave Street, Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan.

Two years after Square Ville HOAI came into existence; the aim of enrolling the lands into the CMP is far from achieving. There are a lot of paper works to be process before the monthly amortization would commence.

The aim of creating the Square Ville Home Owners Association Incorporated (Square Ville HOAI) is for the informal settlers in this part of Nagpayong to purchase the land that they're illegally occupying. There are a lot of home owners association in this part of Pinagbuhatan, which includes Nagpayong, Napindan, Kenneth and others. The current owner of the land is Sunny Realty Corporation, which is a private corporation. The land that Square Ville HOAI is occupying is part of a 70,303 hectares of land composed of 10 homeowners association.

Last March 26, 2013, a meeting was organized to discuss the status of Square Ville Homeowners Association regarding its application for the Community Mortgage Plan (CMP). The CMP was the government's way of purchasing a land that was illegally occupied by informal settlers and selling the land to these urban poor. The meeting was attended by couples Rodrigo and Monica Asilo, SHOAI President Rodolfo Rabang and the members.

History of CMP and Square Ville HOAI

The Community Mortgage Program (CMP) aims to improve the living conditions of homeless and underprivileged citizens by providing them affordable financing with which they can secure tenure on the land they occupy.

"The Community Mortgage Program (CMP) is a mortgage financing program which assists legally organized associations of residents of blighted or depressed areas to own the lots they occupy, providing them security of tenure and eventually improve their neighborhood and homes to the extent of their affordability." (Social Housing Finance Corporation website)

SHFC logo

The CMP is being implemented by the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), which is a subsidiary of the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC). The CMP is in accordance with the Urban Development and Housing Act (Republic Act 7279). It was signed into law on March 1992. In 1994, the CMP was given 12.78 billion peso fund for its implementation.


The Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) was created in 2004 by virtue of Executive Order 272. The Community Mortgage (CMP) was transferred from the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation to the SHFC. (Wikipedia)

In order for the informal settlers to purchase the land that they’ve been occupying for years, an Originator is needed. An Originator is a government agency, an NGO or private corporation who would buy the land from the owner and then sell this land to the informal settlers, through monthly amortizations just like what Pag-IBIG is doing.


The Originator for Square Ville Home Owners Association Incorporated (Square Ville HOAI) is the Urban Poor Service Office (Pasig City). The Urban Poor Service Office (UPSO) operates under the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP), which was created in 1987 under Executive Order Number 82. The main goal of the PCUP is “to increase urban poor access to land and housing and other basic services”.

In August 4, 2011 an Intent to Sell was signed between Square Ville HOAI and Sunny Realty Corporation, represented by Gilbert Remulla. The 8,464 square meters of land being occupied by Square Ville HOAI is to be sold at P2,200 per square meter through the CMP of SHFC. The Originator, UPSO, will purchase the land and then sell it to the informal settlers. It was approved in October 20, 2011 and the land was sold by Sunny Realty Corporation through the Urban Poor Service Office (UPSO) of Pasig City.

What Needs To Be Done

The Square Ville HOAI will be conducting an election for the new set of officers (for two years) on the last Sunday of October, 2013. They’re hoping that they will elect officers that are more eager and enthusiastic in enrolling the lands to the CMP so that the members could begin paying for the monthly amortization. The task at hand will include:

  • Filing of the subdivision plan to the UPSO
  • Background investigation of the site
  • Approval for Social Housing, through the SHFC
  • Segregation of land title to individual lot owners

According to the Checklist of Requirements issued by the SHFC for CMP, since Nagpayong is an on-site project, Square Ville HOAI is required to submit:

  • Council/Sangguniang Bayan Resolution (LGU-Originators)
  • Permanent Unit/Department who will handle processing of CMP (LGU-Originators)
  • Memorandum of Agreement/Contract between Community Association and Mortgage/Assignee or MOA among Originator, CA and SHFC.
  • Master list of beneficiaries with Loan Apportionment signed by the CA (Community Association or HOA)
  • Proof of pre-payment of MRI/Documentary Stamp Tax
  • Cash deposit in favor of SHFC equivalent to two (2) months amortization for existing originator or six (6) months amortization for new originator
  • Lease Purchase Agreement (LPA)
  • Proof of Road Right of Way
  • Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
  • Collection Agreement between CA and SHFC
  • Deed of Assignment of Loan Proceeds from CA to Landowner
  • Loan Agreement

In fairness to the current set of officers, in two years (which seems to be very long), they were able to obtain and accomplish the following forms:

  • Project Basic Information Sheet
  • Landowner Letter of Intent to Sell
  • Preliminary Approval and Locational Clearance (PALC) with supporting documents including Subdivision Plan, Lot Plan and Vicinity Map
  • Present Title
  • HLURB Registration and Incorporation/Code of By-Laws and list of current officers and members of the Board of Directors of CA signed by the Originator
  • Master list of beneficiaries
  • CA’s Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate to purchase property, to obtain loan from SHFC-CMP, and to mortgage the property as security for the loan to be obtained

I hope that the residents of Square Ville HOAI would make wise decisions in voting for their next set of officers. They’re hoping that Pasig City Urban Poor Service Office Head, Nonesio R. Rivera, would speed up the process.

They’re also hoping that the newly-elected officers of the Pasig City Government, Mayor Maribel Eusebio and Vice Mayor Iyo Bernardo, would assist in any way they can, to hasten the process, not just for Square Ville HOAI but for all the 10 homeowners association that is occupying Nagpayong, Pasig City.


The signage at Molave Street, Nagpayong.


Wincels Drug located along Sandoval Avenue, Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan.


New Nagpayong Hot Pandesal atbp located along Sandoval Avenue. It’s part of the Square Ville Homeowners Association Incorporated (Square Ville HOAI).


Molave Street, Nagpayong going to Bahay-Aruga and the Pasig City Jail


Nagpayong Elementary School


Nagpayong Day Care Center along Ipil-Ipil Street.


Nagpayong Christian Church is part of Square Ville Home Owners Association Incorporated (Square Ville HOAI).


Covered road beside the Nagpayong Elementary School.

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