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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tara, EDSA Tayo!

Tomorrow, after my shift (10:00 AM) I’ll go straight to the EDSA Shrine to attend the continuation of the Million People March. This time, the battle cry is EDSA Tayo! (Let’s go to EDSA!).

EDSA Tayo 2

When I attended the Million People March last August 26, I saw the people’s clamor to abolish the Pork Barrel System. I agree – the Pork Barrel System is indeed a source of corruption. We, as responsible taxpayers, should do all we can to make sure that our taxes go to where it should be. I hate to see my taxes being stolen by corrupt government officials.

Just a reminder to everyone who’s going to attend, EDSA Tayo is a prayer vigil and it’s not a political rally. The Facebook page of this movement already released the agenda for the day:

11:00 am Call time
12:00 noon Mass to be led by Fr. Nilo Mangusad, rector of EDSA Shrine
1:00 pm Lecture on pork barrel system by Professors Winnie Monsod and Liling Briones
2:00 pm Inter-faith Gathering. Presentation of Prayer against Pork Barrel and lighting of Vigil Candle / Freedom Flame
4:00 pm Dismissal. Cleaning of the Shrine.

They also released the following reminders to make this event as peaceful as possible. I do hope that the militant groups (who are famous for their banners, placards and effigies) would respect the following reminders:

edsa tayo reminders

If you’re a responsible citizen of this country and you’re near EDSA Shrine (and don’t have work tomorrow), I don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t attend this prayer vigil. Tara, EDSA Tayo!


There’s also a follow-up event to EDSA Tayo – this time, it will be held again at Luneta and will be held on September 21, 2013. See the following poster taken from the EDSA Tayo Facebook page:

Million People's March on Luneta Sept 21


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