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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Midgard Congress, September 21, 2013

Yesterday, I attended the Midgard Congress at the Level Up! Games / PlayWeb office at the 11F of the Pacific Star Building, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Midgard Congress is a meeting between Guild Masters (GM) of the different guilds from all servers of Ragnarok Online, and the Game Masters of LUG. All servers were represented during the Midgard Congress: New Loki, New Chaos, New Iris and Valkyrie.

Midgard Congress Sept 21, 2013

Yesterday's meeting was short-noticed -- it was announce a day or two before the actual event. It was raining hard due to Typhoon Odette and I still attended the event since I have very positive experiences with the last 2 Midgard Congress conducted by GM Aeon in the past. Before, Midgard Congress serves as a venue for announcing patches and new features to the game. There are also in-game prices being given to those who attend the Midgard Congress.

The Midgard Congress conducted yesterday was a Epic Fail. It was conducted by GM Anael, the one who's rude on Facebook. There were no future patches announced. There would be no new server this year and there would be no server merge. I feel that it was a waste of time (and money) for all of us who attended the event.

The things that GM Anael announced yesterday were not important and could have been announced via the Official Forum of Ragnarok or on Facebook. The only thing that's beneficial in yesterday's meeting was the 1,000 pieces of Guyak that would be given to the Guild Masters who were present yesterday.

GM Anael also mentioned that he's not in the position to announce future patches. That privilege belongs to GM Garrick now. He mentioned that there would be a separate Midgard Congress for presenting the future patches of Ragnarok Online. Anyway, here are the things that GM Anael announced in yesterday's Midgard Congress:

  • New RO Client -- This can be downloaded via Pando, torrents or copied from Netopia (burning fees apply)
  • September 25, 2013 -- Start of Friendship Cup. Prize: 30K worth for guild EB. This will end by November. After this event, the Emergency Call (EC) will be enabled again. Finest guild is a 3x champion in this event.
  • Ragnarok Classic -- Will be released in two batches: 2nd Jobs and Transcended Jobs.
  • GM Vazilos and GM Garrick are responsible for releasing publicity for pRO Future Updates, not GM Anael. There will be another Midgard Congress just for the updates.
  • Rotation of scrolls will now be monthly, no longer weekly.
  • Entrance to Bossnia will require zeny in the future.
  • RWC 2014 will start in February
  • LUG still commits to "No Hack Policy". Players are still responsible for protecting one's own account against hackers.
  • September 28, 2013 -- 10th Anniversary of pRO in Davao
  • No more tiangge and no more CNR
  • There would be 3 more Bunny Band Upgrade challenges before the year ends
  • Sunday and Monday is the best day to send emails to GMs for prize updates, suggestions and bug reports:
  • Job rankings (taekwon, brewers) and Agit rankings will be reset soon
  • B.elu and B.ori will soon be discontinued (around November). There would be no limit on HD (for upgrading purposes)
  • Players are encourage to send suggestions like events for players (3v3, guild vs guild, sura vs sura, etc) to LUG for possible sponsorship (of prizes)
  • For updates regarding the Fate Siege Series, please send email to GM Paige.
  • GM Anael congratulates guilds on their anniversaries: Endless (8 years), Babaero (1 year), etc.
  • Battle Mode (BM) bug in New Iris and New Loki is a known issue. Bug have been reported to Gravity ages ago. LUG still making regular follow-up of this to the Developer.
  • No Emergency Call (EC) scrolls
  • LUG/PlayWeb is still commited in banning botters. Simply report them via Ragnarok website.
  • Parents of Ragnarok players in Valkyrie emailed LUG regarding the trash-talks of players in their server (via Microphone).
  • Some players are demanding the return of Ice Wall in the area where the Godly items are being made.
  • There is a proposal to increase the zeny requirement for Treasure Box (TB) investment.
  • No zeny wipe in Valkyrie
  • Sakray will also be using the New Client. It's currently open now for testing
  • War of Emperium (WoE) is following the Philippine Standard Time. Please email LUG regarding the discrepancies when it comes to the start and end time of sieges.
  • No server merge
  • No new server this year
  • Character transfer will be possible (except for New Iris). The price will depend on the gears that the character has.
  • Odin Trade Shop for Name Change are sometimes available in Level Up! Games events.
  • November 16, 2013 -- Anniversary of Audition and Grand Chase at SM North EDSA. Ragnarok will also be represented in this event. There would be auction for VIP. Email GM Anael to check if your MyLevelup account qualifies as a VIP. It depends on the number of Top Up Cards that an account consumed.
  • No release of cards. Obtain it via the server market or Old Card Album (OCA)
  • No commemorative
  • Guilds that would conduct EBs will be rewarded by LUG by Guyaks. Just send an email and invite the Game Masters (GM) of LUG
  • Players who attended this Midgard Congress are rewarded with 500 Guyaks (1,000 pcs for the Guild Master)
  • Try the old Ragnarok features like the Izlude Arena and send some suggestions to LUG to improve these features. The Mail System will not be enabled.
  • New Items on New Auction. Coming soon.

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