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Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos from My Czech Friend

One of the benefits of having a foreign correspondent (a.k.a. penpal) is getting wonderful pictures from their place. In my case, I have Honza, my Czech friend, who regularly send me pictures like these I’m including in this blog post. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Honza has been my penpal for more than 2 years now. We even have our own Friendship Anniversary which is August 17th of each year. During that period, we’ve almost talked about everything under the sun. He’s also into photography (he’s using DSLR) and painting. You should see his art on his website:

We have here pictures from the Rokstejn Castle, Vevery Castle, and Vranov town. Rokstejn Castle is in the Jihlava-Vysocina Region, Czech Republic (where my friend is living).

Vevery (Veveri) Castle is located about 15 km. northwest of Brno, Czech Republic while Vranov is a market town in the Czech Republic, near the Austrian border. Wikipedia said that it has 888 inhabitants. Wow, that’s just equivalent to 1 barangay of Manila.

To Honza, thank you for the pictures!

Rokstejn Castle

Rokstejn Castle


Vevery Castle



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