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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ragnarok’s Episode 24: El Dicastes

The country’s first Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) is set to release Episode 24 (patch) on October 27, 2011. Mark your calendars, fellow Ragnarokers! This would definitely be another milestone to our favorite online game.

el dicastes

El Dicastes is an icy city to the east of The New World. It’s similar to Ice Dungeon. According to stories, El Dicastes is the capital city of the Sapha tribe that is always in snow (like Lutie). There is also a nearby dungeon: the lair of the Scaraba Brood (creatures that resembles different kinds of beetles and spiders).

To my non-Ragnarok readers, pardon my jargon (unfamiliar language). I got carried away by the story and the excitement for the new map and features. Let’s just say, I’m happy that Ragnarok Online is still alive and kicking (after more than 8 years) and continuous to release new patches (maps) so that old-timer (like me) won’t get bored playing the game.

Ragnarok Online looks very simple, compared to new games that are mostly in 3Ds but trust me, the story behind the game, it is great! The background setting is mostly Norse mythology but there it’s combined with Christianity, Asian and pop culture. Shall we say, modern-day Norse mythology game?

Anyway, here are some of the new features of this latest patch.

new monstersnew mountsnew maps

Please visit the micro-site of Episode 24: El Dicastes and Like the Official Ragnarok Facebook page. Rok On!

The new mounts are awesome!

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