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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trip to Quiapo


“Trip to Quiapo” is a screenwriting manual written by Ricky Lee. It’s a very popular reference material and we used it in high school (Journalism). “Trip to Quiapo” is also the title of today’s blog entry and this is my literal trip to Quiapo.

I am trying to visit different churches every Sunday. I love to travel during Sunday because it’s less hassle since most Filipinos are at home spending time with their family. I also make it a point to travel at the early hour of the day. This morning, I woke up thinking on what church to visit and to take pictures. I haven’t seen the churches of Montalban, San Mateo and other parts of Rizal but I also want to travel in the easiest way.

Since there is a jeepney route of Pasig-Quiapo, I decided to take pictures of the famous church there. Plus, the jeepney fare is cheaper. It’s only P26.00 from Pasig to Quiapo. Although I’ve visited the Quiapo church several times in the past, I never had the chance to take pictures of it. Although there are several pictures of Quiapo church available from Google, it is still different if I were to photograph it myself. So off I went to Quiapo and took the following pictures:



My adventure for the day didn’t end with Quiapo church. I also visited the Manila Cathedral and San Agustin church, which are both located in Intramuros. I even went to Luneta (Rizal Park) and take pictures of Rizal’s monument. I’ll post the pictures of these two churches and Luneta in the next few days. It took me only 6 hours to travel to these places and took 174 pictures. I’ll select the best shots for you my beloved readers.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoy the pictures of Quiapo church.

BTW, the marker on Quiapo church reads:

“Governor General Santiago de Vera founded the District of Quiapo August 29, 1586. Franciscan missionaries built the first church of bamboo and nipa. That was burned in 1639. Rebuilding and repairs at intervals gave the parish the stronger edifice that the earthquake of 1863 partially destroyed. The next church, completed in 1899, was the work of Rev. Eusebio de Leon and Rev. Manuel Roxas, the latter raising P40,000.00 in contributions. A fire on October 30, 1929, left the church only its scarred walls and belfry. And a parish committee headed by Doña Encarnacion Nakpil de Orense raised the funds for its reconstruction. Juan F. Nakpil, architect, drafted the plans for the reconstructed building. A famous image of Christ bearing the cross called the Nazarene, is the center of intense Friday devotions throughout the year. 1939”

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