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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tahô and Kuchinta

Every morning, around 9:00 AM, our magtataho (the person who sells tahô) passes our house. It’s becoming a habit of mine lately to eat tahô, ever since my schedule was changed to 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM (I’m usually at home by 9:00 AM, in time for the tahô).

Tahô is a street food that’s usually sold in the morning. Tahô is considered a snack and it looks like gelatin. It’s made from processed soybeans combined with arnibal (melted brown sugar and vanilla) and tapioca pearls (locally known as sago).

Kuchinta on the other hand is another delicious rice product. It’s a steamed cake made from rice flour, water and sugar. Its color is similar to brown sugar. Kuchinta is topped with freshly grated coconut.

During my younger days, the magtataho usually sells only tahô. There is a different person that sells the kuchinta and puto (another rice product). Lately, the magtatahô is also the magpuputo (or magku-kuchinta). Probably in the province, the magtatahô and the magpuputo are two separate entities. However, here in our little barangay in Pasig City, it’s the same person.



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