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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Plans

If I would write down my weaknesses right now, I would probably list down as #1 my ability to break plans. I’m so good at making plans and not fulfilling it. Nevertheless, I still make plans.

different paths

I tried to review my 2007 and 2008 plans and so far, I have fulfilled half of what I plan. Not bad. So I’m doing this again. It may be a bit late, but I’ve been making this list since December 2011. Finally, I decided to write down my plans for this year.

I’ve been making this plans a.k.a. New Year’s Resolution since I was a college student. At one time, I’ve written a plan to “have a wife and kids by the age of 25”. Well, I’m a late bloomer and just realized I’m gay a few months before my college graduation.

Also, I’ve realized that I’m not hitting my plans because it’s not within the scope of S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. So as much as I can, I tried to list down my 2012 plans with this in mind.

It also helps by the way, if I could print this list and post it on my wall. Plus, it would be an additional help if I could share it with you guys. In that way, you could probably ask me once in a while how I’m doing with my plans. So, without further ado, here are my plans for this year:

1. Be a competitive Ragnarok Player. Make Cadbury an “imba” Arch-Bishop. Buy 500 RO Load every payday.

2. Level my novice, Jan Sef, to level 99 Ninja before the release of the Samurai Patch (mid-year).

3. Change my mindset about Sales and learn the craft. Be a Sales Agent. There are extra compensations for Sales Agent.

4. Buy more books, preferably Nicholas Sparks and John Grisham. 1 book a month.

5. Buy Greatest Hits DVDs of favorite singers and bands. Support the music industry. 1 DVD a month.

6. Watch a movie every payday. It’s always great to watch movies at the cinema.

7. Join a religious or civic organization. Preferably World Vision or Habitat for Humanity.

8. Be a devout Catholic. Attend mass every Sunday and participate with the festivities. Continue visiting different churches once in a while.

9. Continue sending resumes to jobs posted via Jobstreet. Who knows, a foreign recruiter would finally notice. (every rest day)

10. Subscribe to Reader’s Digest and Men’s Health.

11. Update my blogs three times a week.

12. Use my clothing allowance for its intended purpose.

13. Rediscover the love for swimming and be Sef’s swimming buddy.

14. Pay my bills every 15th of the month.

15. Meet up with Sef at least once a week (preferably Saturday).

16. Open another BPI Savings Account by February 15, 2012, preferably at BPI-PCC.

17. Attend the Panagbenga Festival with Sef on February 24-26.

18. Enroll in a photography class by March.

19. Join my high school Cooperative. It’s a good investment. (March 15)

20. Take advantage of the free use of our company gym by March.

21. Purchase a mountain bike and rediscover the love for biking (April).

22. Have a vacation in Cebu with Erik and Sef (May).

23. Replace my current laptop with a desktop PC. Play StarCraft II. (June)

24. Enroll in a Creative Writing class by June.

25. Be active in Facebook and Twitter. Login every day after work.

26. Visit Boracay Island with Sef (November).

27. Use my 13th month pay to buy a camera lens (December).

28. Have a photowalk with Sef every week.

29. Buy another external hard disk whose capacity is 1 terabyte or more (June).

30. Finish items 1-29 before the world ends (December 21, 2012) :)

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