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Friday, January 20, 2012

San Sebastian Parish, Pasig City

I attended a baptismal this morning at the San Sebastian Parish in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City. I was shocked because I thought it was San Juan Day. People are all wet in Pinagbuhatan (myself included).

I really felt idiotic today. First, I’m a resident of Pinagbuhatan and I’m not aware when our fiesta is. Second, I don’t know that San Sebastian is the patron saint of Pinagbuhatan and that today is his feast day. Third, I never knew that there is a parish church in Pinagbuhatan and that a mass was held here 440 years ago (January 20, 1572). Lastly, I never heard of the school Escuela Catolica de San Sebastian until this day. Wow, some revealing information about my barangay! To add insult to myself, I’ve been living in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City since 2001.

So this evening, I Google about this parish church and found this information:

The first chapel established by the Spaniards prior to the establishment of the present-day PASIG SIMBAHAN. It comprises the entire barangay of Pinagbuhatan, being a parish under the Diocese of Pasig. Its parochial erection was on May 31, 1990, with Fr. David Colong as its parish priest. At present, Fr. Emmanuel Hipolito is the parish priest. San Sebastian Parish is adjacent to its parochial school, the ESCUELA CATOLICA DE SAN SEBASTIAN. (Wikimapia).

The Chapel of Pinagbuhatan was the first visita constructed by the Augustinians in Pasig, prior to the establishment of the present Pasig Cathedral. It is said that the reason for the transfer of the church is that this place was occasionally ravaged by floods, due to its proximity to the river. The chapel remained under the Parish of the Immaculate Conception until 1990, when Bishop Manuel Sobrevinas, then Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception, proposed to the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Sin, to create a new parish in this barangay of Pinagbuhatan, due to the increasing number of faithful in the vicinity of the barangay. The Decree of Erection of the Parish was signed and on May 31, 1990. Pinagbuhatan was proclaimed a parish under the patronage of Saint Sebastian and Fr. David Colong was installed as its First Parish Priest. (Wikipedia)

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