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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It was a very challenging 2011 for me, with the break up with Oreo and the creation of a new blog. Thankfully, Sef came into my life at the latter part of 2011 and he made me realized that there’s also something to look forward to in every New Year’s celebration.

I hope to know more about Sef this year and enjoy his friendship to the max! Hopefully something romantic would pop-up along the way, but for now, I’ll just savor the moment. I’ll definitely enjoy every date that I’ll have with him and create happy memories.

I would also like to thank all my loyal readers, followers and fellow bloggers: Brian, Wizzdumb, Rent, Orange, JM, Rocky and Tobie (talagang laging pair dapat? hehe), G.B. Goer, Dan, Dennis, among others. Gaining friends is definitely one of the perks of being in the blogosphere!

Let’s all welcome the challenges that 2012 would bring (including The End of the World), survive all the catastrophes along the way and emerge as better individuals. Of all the tips that I received so far, one thing that I always do is to surround myself with positive people, like you guys!

Cheers everyone!

2012 New Year wishes greetings

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