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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kamay Kainan Foods

It’s my second time to dine at Kamay Kainan in Market! Market!. This time, I was with my current team mates and I brought along my Canon EOS 1100D. The first time I took pictures of the foods here, I was using my Canon digital camera.

Without further ado, here are the foods being serve at this wonderful restaurant.

1-IMG_1675 2-IMG_1676 3-IMG_1677 4-IMG_1678 5-IMG_1679 6-IMG_1680 7-IMG_1681 8-IMG_1682 9-IMG_1683 10-IMG_1684 11-IMG_1685 12-IMG_1686 13-IMG_1687 14-IMG_1688 15-IMG_1689 16-IMG_1690 17-IMG_1691 18-IMG_1692 19-IMG_1693 20-IMG_1694 21-IMG_1706 22-IMG_1707 23-IMG_1708 24-IMG_1709 25-IMG_1710 26-IMG_1711 27-IMG_1712 28-IMG_1713

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