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Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Time with the Azkals

Yup, it’s my first time to watch a live game of the Azkals at the Rizal Memorial Stadium yesterday. Unfortunately they lose to Spain’s CF International de Madrid. The good news is, this was a charity game and the last time I checked, they were able to exceed the 1.5M expected revenue for the benefit of the Sendong victims. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone: watching a soccer game while helping our fellow Filipinos.

Azkals Logo

Not to mention that it was my 3rd date with Sef and I’ve enjoyed every moment with him yesterday.

We were supposed to watch the private screening of “Id’nal: Mapusok” yesterday but our plans changed when I watched the trailer of the film (and Sef read the reviews of the movie). I didn’t enjoy the trailer and Sef read mostly negative reviews of the movie. Fortunately, I saw the ad for Azkals charity match via TV Patrol and Sef agreed to the change of plan.

After the match (though the Azkals lose), we both agreed that it was a good thing we decided to watch the football game. We both enjoyed the match and it was both our first time to watch a live game of the Azkals and of football in general. We indeed had a great time with each other’s company. I’ll be posting some of the shots of the game (courtesy of Sef) soon.

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