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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank You Wendy’s Shopwise!

I almost lost my phone last Monday. Yup, my newly-purchased BlackBerry, I almost lost it.

I came from a friend's house in QC and I visited Aerous at Cubao. I barely slept and a bit tipsy because of the Red Horse beer we had at QC. I have my DSLR with me, my BlackBerry and 2 bags of SM items.

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Aerous works at Telus and he prefers to eat at Wendy's Shopwise. This is our second time at this Wendy's branch. The first time we dine here was about a year ago.

So we sat down on the table near the toilet. I left my items with Aerous on the table and went to pee. After that, we went to the counter and ordered our dinner. I then asked Aerous for my BlackBerry and I was surprised that he doesn't have it. I'm pretty sure I didn't bring it with me at the toilet which means we have left it at our table.

So we went to our table and there were a lot of people in the nearby tables. Our table was clean. No sign of my unit. Then a male supervisor or manager asked us if we left something and I said I left my BlackBerry. He then handed to me my BlackBerry and I felt relieve. I thank him and we went back to the counter to order our food.

Aerous and I enjoyed our dinner, I took pictures of him with my DSLR, had a nice chat and finally said goodbye because he's late for his 10PM shift. I went straight home and catch a sleep because I was very sleepy.

The next day, when I feel better and no effects of alcohol, I've realized that I almost lost my BlackBerry which I just purchased a few weeks ago! I realized I've been very lucky that a manager/supervisor of Wendy's saw my BlackBerry first. So I emailed Wendy's and thank them for having such an employee.

Wendy's replied back and said:

Thank you also for commending our Assistant Manager of Shopwise Cubao branch, Mr. Dante Sarraga for the good deed that he done.

We hope that you will continue to patronize our product and services.

Well, I would certainly continue to patronize them for having such honest employees. I can't thank them enough for the good deed that they did so I wrote this blog post.

Again, my gratitude to the whole staff of Wendy's Shopwise for having my BlackBerry back and for having an outstanding customer service!

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