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Monday, January 2, 2012


Sorry for the lack of post in this blog. I’m currently preoccupied with two things: work and Sef.

My current account is an accounting software. This January is tax season in the US and we’re expecting a huge volume of calls. That’s the reason why we’re having mandatory overtime (OT). I’m not use to overtime and I dread tonight’s shift because it would be a working day in the US. I can almost imagine the “queuing” that will happen later.

This is also my first sales account. I’m not use to it as well. We’re expected to sell more than $4,000.00 worth of software and service (technical support) subscription in a month. My past 3 months is pathetic when it comes to the selling part of my metrics. Last month, I have the lowest revenue among our team with only $1,400.00+ revenue for the accounting-software company (the client). I wish I could change my game plan this month and begin hitting that target.

We still have other metrics that are similar to other centers and accounts. These metrics includes the usual Average Handing Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Attendance and Schedule Adherence (number of late), First Call Resolution (FCR), and other minor stats. Right now, other than the Sales part of our metrics, I’m also failing the CSAT and FCR. I only excel in AHT, Attendance and Schedule Adherence (which are minor stats).

I hope to change my game plan this month and focus on selling because that is where the money is. There’s a huge monetary compensation if we excel in selling. In addition to that, the client always checks in the Sales portion of our stats first. I’ll probably seat besides our most successful sales agent to acquire her style in selling. God help me.


On the lighter side of the news, there’s Sef to balance the Work-Love equation. Sometimes I believe that common connotation that if you’re failing with the Work part of our life; we’re at least succeeding with the Love aspect. I find it true in my case. My work status is inversely proportional to my love status.

Right now, Sef and I are in constant communication: via in Facebook, emails and text messages. I enjoy every moment that I’m talking to him over the phone. I love receiving his text messages and emails. Hopefully our date would proceed this Saturday. I’m inviting him to watch an indie film.

So my brain right now is preoccupied with Work on the right side and Sef on the other. If I were to choose which of these two I would rather be successful with, I would always choose the Love part (Sef in particular).

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