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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My 10 Sulit Must-Have’s To Start The Year Right With

I've been playing Ragnarok Online for almost a decade now and since then, I've been buying e-Loads mostly in P100 denomination. Back then, P100 load is good for playing the game for 1 week.


In recent years, Ragnarok Online opened the Free-to-Play (F2P) servers so we can play the game without loading P100. However, as a marketing strategy, they released the HyperMart (HM) so that players like us can purchase in-game items (equipment for our characters) and items to boost our leveling experience. We can also subscribe to Premium service to access Dungeon maps faster or enjoy Bossnia dungeons (full of MVP monsters).

For a Ragnarok Player like me, it's a must that we always have an available Top Up Card (in P100 or P500 denomination) to be on top of our game. is an ideal place to purchase Top Up Cards.

Aside from Ragnarok Online, the other hobby that I'm into is photography. At first I thought that it's enough to purchase the basic kit. However, as I've seen the works of other photographers, who has better lenses and equipment, I realized that photography is a serious hobby that requires time and money.

Although it is talent that makes a photo stands out from other photos, a better gear used by the same photographer would definitely give better quality to his pictures. It's always best practice in photography to make the most of your current camera and lens and then invest on other lenses.

Since I'm an avid Ragnarok player and a newbie photographer, I have plans of purchasing items this year. Here are my 10 Sulit must-have's to start 2013 with a bang. Please click on the picture to go to the Sulit page.

1. LU Cards -- this would let me buy in-games item for my favorite game, Ragnarok Online. This would also let me use the Premium service of Ragnarok to double my leveling experience and to buy items for my characters.

LUG cards

2. Zoom Lens -- this would let me take pictures of events like fashion shows and to take candid photos of people during photo walk.

zoom lens

3. Wide-Angle Lens -- this would let me take better photos of buildings especially churches which are my primary interest in photography.

wide angle lens

4. Macro Lens -- I'm also into macro photography and having a macro lens would definitely help me take better pictures of insects and flowers.

macro lens

5. Camera Bag -- I'm now beginning to invest on DSLR accessories like wireless triggers and flash. Having more camera accessories means having a larger Camera Bag. Since I sometimes carry both my DSLR and laptop, I need a new camera bag that would let me carry these two items plus the accessories that comes with these items (including AC adapter, battery charger and mouse).

camera bag

6. Rapid Camera Strap -- I'm having stiff neck whenever I carry my DSLR for a long time. Having a Rapid Camera Strap would definitely help because it shifts the weight of the camera from my neck to my shoulders. This is very useful especially if the photography event would last the whole day.


7. Bokeh Lens -- I would love to take better portrait pictures. The best way to achieve this is by buying a Bokeh Lens. This will make my subject stand-out from the background to highlight their assets.

bokeh lens

8. New Desktop Computer -- Since I'm into online and strategy games, I need a new computer that will handle the demands of the upcoming online game Ragnarok Online 2. It's the 3D version of the highly popular Ragnarok Online, which took the country by storm when it was launched in 2003.

desktop pc

9. DVD Writer -- the internal DVD ROM of my laptop is no longer properly and I badly need to save my pictures on a DVD to preserve it. Most of the pictures taken by my Canon EOS 1100D are more than 4MB each and it's taking a lot of disk space on my HDD. Pictures define a newbie photographer (like me) and I should save my pictures on DVD.

dvdrom drive

10. 1 TB HDD -- My computer's HDD is also full of TV shows, movies, PDF files, music and other stuff. I don't usually access these files but it would be best to save it on a portable HDD, which has 1 TB minimum capacity. This would let me share these files to my friends and relatives.

1 tb hdd

In connection to my 10 Sulit must-have's, recently launched their New Year madness. Please visit their website and let me know, through your comments, your own 10 Sulit must-have's. You may also want to like their Facebook fan page and follow them on Twitter.

Kindly include, in the comments below, your full name, FB profile URL, Twitter ID and the links to your 10 must-have's items so I could check it as well. Here’s an example of the comment entry:


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