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Friday, January 4, 2013

Ragnarok Fan Art

Aside from the game itself, the other thing I like about Ragnarok Online is the fan art. There are a lot of Ragnarok players who are also into fan art. These artists give life to the different job class, non-playable characters (NPC), monsters and MVP Boss (major monsters) in the game. Here are some of these wonderful fan art from Ragnarok Online.

These pictures were compiled by Dee’s RO Journal from Deviant Art.

Alice by hikari-chan

Alice by hikari-chan. Alice is a Demi-Human monster in Ragnarok Online.

Anubis by AugustAnna

Anubis by AugustAnna. Anubis is an undead monster in Ragnarok Online.

Assasin Cross by Voodoo

Assassin Cross by Voodoo. Assassin Cross is the Transcendent job of Assassin.

Baphomet by Zanaffar

Baphomet by Zanaffar. Baphomet is an MVP in Ragnarok Online. MVP is a major monster in the game.

Chewie White Smith by GENZOMAN

Chewie White Smith by GENZOMAN. White Smith is the transcendent job of Black Smith in Ragnarok Online.

Detardeurus by AugustAnna

Detardeurus by AugustAnna. Detardeurus is an MVP (major monster) in Ragnarok Online.

Fennic by Moemichan

Fennic by Moemichan. The girl amidst the naked monsters is an Assassin Cross.

Garm by AugustAnna

Garm by AugustAnna. Garm is an MVP (major monster) a.k.a. Boss Monster. The other monster in the picture is a Siroma.

GX by Erika1991

GX by Erika1991. GX is a short version of Guillotine Cross, the 3rd job of Assassin.


Ifrit is an MVP in Ragnarok Online.

Kip   Yuzu by shilin

Kip + Yuzu. The guy is a Champion (transcendent job of Monk) and the girl is a High Priest.

Magnus Exorcismus by Quirkilicious

Magnus Exorcismus by Quirkilicious. Magnus Exorcismus (ME) is a skill of the Priest class which is very effective against Undead and Demon monsters.

Mastersmith by shilin

Mastersmith by shilin. Mastersmith (a.k.a. White Smith) is the transcendent job of Black Smith.

Monk by Ikr

Monk by Ikr. Monk is the 2nd job of the Acolyte class.

ncantation Samurai by Diosboss

Incantation Samurai by Diosboss. Incantation Samurai is an MVP in Ragnarok Online.

Orc Hero by AugustAnna

Orc Hero by AugustAnna. Orc Hero is an MVP in Ragnarok Online.

Seygard Blaze by DomDozz

Seygard Blaze by DomDozz. The guy in the picture is a Royal Guard, the 3rd job of Crusader.


Swordsman a.k.a. Swordie is one of the 6 First Jobs along with Thief, Merchant, Magician, Acolyte and Archer.


Valkyrie is a Non-Playable Character (NPC) in Ragnarok Online. She changes a 99 character into a High Novice.

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