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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Coffee Shop at Barretto, Subic, Zambales

I first ate at The Coffee Shop in Barangay Barretto, Subic, Zambales in 2004. My first love, Aerous, who lives in Barretto, introduced me to this place. Aerous and I met online via the online game Ragnarok and sometime in 2004, we met for the first time.


I always drop by The Coffee Shop whenever I’m at Subic, Zambales.

It was the start of a wonderful friendship from 2004 to 2009 when he finally fell in love with his boyfriend. It was a sort of long-distance friendship since at that time; I was working at Bacoor, Cavite. Between 2004 and 2009, I made around 17 trips to his place in Subic and in all those meetings; we usually have lunch at The Coffee Shop.

Two of my favorites at The Coffee Shop are the Jumbo Taco and the Mashed Potato. I haven’t been to any other restaurant that offers Jumbo Taco and Mashed Potato that are more delicious that the ones being offered at The Coffee Shop.

The last time I was at The Coffee Shop was September 4, 2012. I was there for a 2-day vacation to see Aerous and to visit the places that we usually hang-out in our 5 years friendship, which are mostly in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) area. It was nice seeing him and to be updated on the things that he’s been doing so far.

It was good to see Aerous at The Coffee Shop and I can’t wait to visit him again this year. Have you been to Subic and to The Coffee Shop?


The Coffee Shop also evolved into a hotel but I haven’t tried their accommodation yet. Hopefully on my next visit, I’ll stay at this place as well.


The Coffee Shop is located at the corner of Rizal Street and the National Highway in Barangay Barretto, Subic, Zambales.


The best Mashed Potato that I’ve ever had so far!


The famous Jumbo Taco of The Coffee Shop.

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