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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reformat After Almost Two Years

After almost two years, I finally reformatted my computer. The original operating system (OS) that I’m using on this Asus K40IJ laptop is Windows XP. Then I installed Windows 7 and Windows 8. The only reason why I’m still using Windows XP is because my favorite game, Ragnarok Online, runs best in Windows XP (and it doesn’t run in Windows 8).


Today is the start of the server merge between Valhalla and New Loki. This is another chapter in my Ragnarok career.

I accidentally deleted my Windows XP after I installed Windows 8 and I decided to reformat my hard disk drive (HDD) for me to re-install Windows XP. It’s not letting me overwrite Windows 8 with Windows XP unless I reformat the drive.

So right now, I’m downloading the programs that I frequently use like Open Office, iTunes, Picasa, etc. It will probably take me 1-2 days before I finally have all the software reinstalled here on Windows XP. My decision to reformat my HDD after almost two years coincides with the server merge of Valhalla and New Loki. So this would give me a fresh start at the new server, which retained the name New Loki.

So stick around and I’ll post more pictures of my recent trips.

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