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Saturday, December 17, 2011

2012 Plans for Ragnarok Online

I attended a meeting yesterday, along with 15 other Ragnarok enthusiasts, with GM Aeon of Level Up! Games at the Pacific Star Building. He presented to us the 2012 Plans for online game Ragnarok.


There are 3 major patches that will be released in 2012 namely: Port Malaya, Samurai’s Era and Bifrost. The largest and first to be released among these three is the Philippine-inspired Port Malaya (literally translated in English as “Free”).


Episode 25: Port Malaya will be released in Quarter 1 of 2012 (probably March). It’s a map inspired by Taal’s People's Park, Taal Volcano, Rizal Park and Corregidor Island. Some of the main features of Port Malaya are:

  • Daily Quest (similar to Alberta Quest) which is JOB EXP-based
  • All NPC’s of Prontera will have an equivalent in Port Malaya
  • Introduction of Boss Monster (MVP) named “Bakonawa”
  • Port Malaya will be the largest localized map so far. It will include 8 Maps, 11 Monsters (“Manananggal”, “Tiyanak”, etc.), 17 New NPCs, 15 New Quests and 15 New Items


Episode 26: Samurai’s Era will be released in Summer of 2012 (probably June). This patch will implement the second job class of Ninja which is named Kageborou and Oborou.


Episode 27: Bifrost will be released in Quarter 3 of 2012 (probably September). This patch will totally change everything again on Ragnarok Online since it will implement another balancing of skills (for the 3rd jobs). This patch will also implement (for the first time) a Skill Reset. Bifrost patch will also feature the following:

  • New Maps: Mora Town, Northern/Southern Observatory, and Maze Dungeon in Misty Forest (memorial dungeon).
  • Lighthalzen Dungeon B3: New monsters featuring the 2-2 Job Class (Bard & Dancer, Paladin, Rogue, Sage, Alchemist and Monk). These monsters will feature the strength in a party form (unlike the 2-1 job class).
  • New Hypermart System: Items being sold in the Hypermart will be classified.
  • Implementation of NPC Space Cushion System: Kafra and other Non-Player Characters (NPC) will no longer be “overwhelmed” by players.

Next year will also feature (as usual) the Ragnarok Online World Championship. It will include:

  • In-game events
  • Agit Lords Season (January to April 2012)
  • Wild Card Season (February to April 2012)
  • Regional's (March to April 2012)
  • PH Leg Finals (June 2012)

GM Aeon also presented us with the future changes on the game like Episode 28: Eclage. I’ll present that next time. For now, I’m calling all former Ragnarok players, magbalik-Ragna na kayo! (Start playing Ragnarok Online again). Next year will be a big year for Ragnarok Online. I sure hope that the Philippines will host this years’ Ragnarok World Championship.


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