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Monday, March 12, 2012

iTunes 10.6 Crashes


The latest release of iTunes is bugged. The last working version I have on my computer is 10.5. When the software updater of iTunes advised that version 10.6 was released, I upgraded to that version. I have two operating systems on my computer, XP and 7. I upgraded my iTunes on both OS and then the problem occurred on both OS. iTunes would load for a few seconds and then Windows would display a message that iTunes has stopped working. It’s definitely an iTunes problem or bug.

This issue is a hot topic among iTunes users and if you visit the Apple forum, you’ll find a lot of threads about this issue. I’ve noticed the problem since yesterday and sadly, Apple haven’t fix the problem yet nor release a more updater version that address this issue. Just when I thought Apple software are problem-free. The good thing is, I don’t have an iPhone or iPod to sync my iTunes to. It could have been worst for me.

When it comes to music player, iTunes is my choice over Windows Media Player or Winamp. iTunes is very easy to use and it organizes my MP3 files efficiently. Hopefully Apple will be able to fix the problem soon. So as a temporary solution to the iTunes 10.6 crash problem, I reverted back to iTunes 10.5 so that I could play my new album – One Direction’s Up All Night.

For those who wanted to revert back to iTunes 10.5, click here to download the installer.

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