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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Port Malaya: Now Testing in Sakray

Ragnarok’s newest update (patch) called Port Malaya (Philippine Map) is now being tested in Sakray. A few weeks from now and we’ll be battling with new monsters based on Philippine folklore: Manananggal, Tik-Tik, Mangkukulam, Tikbalang, Engkanto, etc.

Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) recently released the following screenshots of the patch in Sakray so that we’ll have an idea on how the new maps and monsters would look like. We can see here the monument inspired by the real one in Manila and the famous jeepney. We also have a new incarnation of the Poring – the Jejering (Jejemon+Poring). I’m just guessing about the name. It’s patterned after our unique way of wearing the baseball cap – reversed (pabaligtad).

I’m very excited for this new patch. I do hope that former Ragnarok players would return to the first ever MMORPG game in the country – Ragnarok Online!


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