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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sef and Glenn


I’m so sorry for the lack of updates regarding my lovelife. I’m pretty sure you all wanted to know what happened between me and Sef and you’re probably curious about my new boyfriend named Glenn.

Let’s start with Sef. As you probably know, I’ve dated him for quite some time. We used to send each other emails and texted each other often. Somehow between the 6th and 7th date, he seems to become cold towards me. He no longer answers my email. He’s always busy with his job at the magazine (he’s the layout artist). I no longer felt that he’s interested with me in a romantic kind of way. Then he didn’t show up on the night of our departure to Baguio telling me all these reasons.

So I went to the Panagbenga Festival alone and enjoyed it as much as I can. When I returned from Baguio, I told him that I would stop courting him since I really don’t feel that he finds me a boyfriend-material. I look into his eyes and I see my reflection as a good friend, not lover.

Sef and I remained good friends even though I’ve already stopped courting him and started labeling our hang-outs as “gimmick” instead of “date”. The last time I saw him was during the showing of “The Hunger Games” at the Shang Cineplex. I’m one of the 60 Nuffnangers who joined the event and Sef was my “plus one”. It was purely a friendly “gimmick” and it’s nice to see him, gorgeous as ever, sporting a new haircut. He’s still not seeing someone and I haven’t heard him told me if someone is courting him. We ended the night at a coffee shop and catching up on each other’s lives. I ended up telling him about my boyfriend, Glenn.

I met Glenn in July 2011 (just last year). Back then, he was the boyfriend of my best friend forever (BFF) named Jereil. I got attracted to Glenn the first time I saw him. I immediately love his smile, laugh, voice and the way he carries himself. I find him gorgeous and sexy. Since Glenn was Jereil’s boyfriend at that time, I never made these feelings known to him.

I have talked to Glenn and texted him once in a while ever since that first meeting. I became the “crying shoulder” whenever they have their lover’s quarrel. They’re relationship ended sometime in February. I texted Glenn saying that I’ll court him as soon as he moved on from the breakup.

Glenn recovered easily from the breakup and when he confessed that he’s really over my BFF (now called his ex), I asked for a date. He said yes and we soon found happiness in each other’s arms the first date we had. My feelings for Glenn was revived the second time I saw him in person. He’s as gorgeous and sexy as I remembered him.

It was probably influenced by alcohol or something, but the moment I asked him to be my boyfriend, on our first date, he said yes and we sealed the commitment with a kiss. It was one of the best feelings in the world, to be in a relationship again.

Two days after, we made love and find joy in each other’s companion. We were really in love with each other. I felt that I’ve known him forever. The feeling that I have for Glenn is beyond words. I love to be with him for the rest of my life.

The story of Glenn and I have only just began.

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