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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spotlight on The Orange Wit


It started with a simple comment in my Bading na Kolboy blog. He left a comment saying:

I've been reading your blog for a week now, i have it on my gmail reader in order for me to read it while i am at the office. 

Anyways, I myself is a frustrated blogger and I need help with lay outing pictures on my blogs, like for example this post has several pictures and you want to have it outlined.

I wish you can help me.


I replied back via email saying:

Hi LJ!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Bading na Kolboy. I hope you like the pictures and the short description. You may also visit my other blogs listed below :)

Regarding your question about the lay-out of pictures in a blog, the best way to do it is by using Windows Live Writer 2011. It's a free software from Microsoft that is part of the Windows Live Essentials. You may download it from:

The best part about that software is that, it will mimic the format/layout of your blog and then you would have the option to insert pictures. It formats it automatically based on the default format of your blog (whether from Blogger or Wordpress). If you want to increase or reduce the size of the pictures, you can click on the edges and drag it, similar to Print Artist.

Please do try it and blog layout would be as easy as creating a Word Document. Hope this helps!


Elmer Loves Oreo (my first blog)

He replied back saying:


Thank you so much for the reply. Currently, my laptop is still in the province and I am just blogging thru the net cafe. On my free time, I write here in the office and just post in when I have free time. I will definitely try that and will give you update once it works.

Thank you so much for taking time to read and reply on my comment.

love, peace and happiness,


I answered back via email and wrote:

What's your blog name and address BTW?

And he mentioned his blog: Its not as good as yours, though.

He’s name is LJ a.k.a. Orange. He works for a financial company that handles remittances of OFW from the Middle East. He’s also a blogger and bookworm. I’m very happy to see how his blog, The Orange Wit, transformed from an “dormant volcano” to an “active volcano” in just a few months.

The rest (as the cliché always say) is history. The first time I visited his blog in August 2011, it only have a page view of around 50+. Now, I just checked his blog and it now has 12,718 page views! Talk about a success story.

The good thing about Orange is that he really loves to write and that’s his asset. I just suggested a proper tool to make blogging easier so that he could focus on writing/blogging. That’s where the Windows Live Writer software came in. I’m also using that software as well and it really made blogging easier.

In about 45 days, The Orange Wit will be celebrating its anniversary! Congratulations Orange and good luck to your 2nd blog! I’m very happy to see how you accomplished these things in such a short time. You’re indeed a talented writer/blogger.

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