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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food Photography Practice

I got a tip from a photographer about taking pictures of food. He advised me not to take a top view of the food but instead take a closer shot of the food to make it more enticing to the viewers.

I began doing so when we ate at Kamay Kainan and during our most recent team building at Torres Ville in Antipolo City. These are the food we cooked during our dinner and breakfast. Actually it was our Team Leader (TL) who cooked our breakfast. Yes, all of our breakfast!

I hope you like these pictures. Please let me know if the tip I got from that photographer is effective.

    IMG_4709  IMG_4712   IMG_4716  IMG_4727 IMG_4740     IMG_4750  IMG_4764 IMG_4769 IMG_4773 

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