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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Other Auntie’s Balikbayan Box

The spirit of Christmas and gift-giving is really in the air. Our aunt from California recently sent us balikbayan boxes full of canned goods. This time, it’s our aunt from Chicago who sent us another balikbayan box. I thank them for their generosity and kindness. They’ve been doing this thing for the past 36 years (even before I was born).

I was actually expecting SPAM in the package but she sent us a different brand (SPAM is still more delicious). The brand name is Brookedale and it’s probably the best brand of luncheon meat in Chicago. Anyway, here are the other brands and items that she sent us:


In the pictures: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Celebrity Ham, Hormel Chili, Happy Harvest, Kirkland Daily Multi-Vitamins and Minerals, Southgate Chili with Beans, Brookdale Vienna Sausage, Brookedale Luncheon Meat, Mama Cazz Spaghetti Sauce, Chef’s Cupboard Chicken Noodles, Kroger Corned Beef, among others.

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