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Monday, November 21, 2011

Torres Ville Pool Resort

Last Friday was our own team building. It was held at Torres Ville Pool Resort (119 C. Lewis Street, Tabak, Antipolo City). The place was quiet, relaxing and is ideal for events such as this. It’s has a single pool, a videoke court, a nipa-house-inspired cottage, a basketball half-court (which we never used), and a children’s playground.

My team mates stumbled upon this resort on the Internet and they were intrigued by their unusual advertisement. Even our team mate who’s from Antipolo City has never heard about this resort.

Their pricelist is divided into two: the one with table clothes and the bare essentials (with no table clothes in other words). The one with table clothes cost P6,000 and the other package cost only P5,000. This is between 8PM-6AM. There is an additional fee if it exceeds this time.

We rented the place from 1:00PM to 7:00AM the next morning and it cost our team P7,000. That package includes the unlimited rent of the videoke, which we enjoyed. This fee doesn’t include the bed sheets. By the way, they also sell fresh buko for P12 each. The place has a lot of coconuts.

Check out the following pictures of this resort. For inquiries, please send them an email at or text them at 0999-460-7382. Their landline is 393-5253.

Just a reminder by the way. The city of Antipolo prohibits the use of Styrofoam and Torres Ville Pool Resort adheres to that. So if you’ll be bringing Styrofoam cups and plates, you’ll have to bring it along with you once you depart from the resort (like what our team mate did).

Also, the blue concrete house that you’ll see in these pictures is NOT for rent. It’s the house of the owner.

IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4577 IMG_4580 IMG_4581 IMG_4582 IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4588 IMG_4592 IMG_4594 IMG_4595 IMG_4596 IMG_4600 IMG_4602 IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4605 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4628 IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4644 IMG_4658 IMG_4787 IMG_4791

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