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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Level Up! Live 2011

I just came home from attending the Level Up! Live 2011 at the World Trade Center. It’s an annual gathering of gamers (of Level Up! Games) to watch the championship match of several online games. It’s also a day for cosplayers, bazaar of gaming-related merchandizes (called LU City), and to watch new games from gaming company Level Up!

I was with my nephews and we were there at around 10:30 AM. We were able to watch the finalists of this year’s Level Up! (LU) film festival. We also saw the championship match of Grand Chase and Ragnarok Online. Harabas won this year’s Philippine Ragnarok Championship.

In the previous years, Level Up! Live was held for 2-days. This year, they squeezed in all the activities into a 1-day event. It was a good idea so that guild mates would meet each other on a single day.

Level Up! also introduced an upcoming game called Bounty Hounds Online (similar to RF Online). They also released a preview of the upcoming 2nd job for Ninjas and the highly anticipated Philippine-inspired map in Ragnarok Online called “Port Malaya”.

Since I’m really not good at words, I’ll let you see what the buzz is all about through pictures. Enjoy!

Level Up! Live 2011, by the way, is sponsored by several companies including Epson, Bit Defender, My Phone, Sykes, No Fear,, PLDT myDSL, PC Express, among others.

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