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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stefan Salvatore: Super Novice

Stefan Salvatore is a character from the novel (and later adapted into a TV series) “The Vampire Diaries”. He’s the younger vampire brother of Demon Salvatore and the love interest of the protagonist Elena Gilbert.

Stefan Salvatore is also the name of my Ragnarok character. He is a Super Novice, the expansion job of the Novice class. When you play the online game Ragnarok, you start as a novice, the basic character. After killing some Porings (the most popular monster in the game), you reach a point wherein you can select to be a first jobber (Swordsman, Thief, Magician, Acolyte or Merchant). However, there are players who simply want to be a novice all throughout their Ragnarok career, and end up being a 99 novice (the highest level for this class).

So the developer of the game, Gravity, decided to add the expanded class Super Novice. So now, players who love the novice class can turn into Super Novices and can select any skills from any first job class. So you can create a hybrid first job. In my case, Stefan Salvatore is a hybrid thief-acolyte – he has skills like Heal, AGI Up, Blessing (from the Acolyte job) and Improve Dodge and Double Damage (from the Thief job).

The past few days, I’ve been playing with my new Super Novice since Level Up! Games (LUG) decided to give us a modified experience week (they’ve increase the experience points we got when we play our characters). Right now, Stefan Salvatore is at level 86 and is eager to explore the rest of Rune-Midgard (that’s the Ragnarok world). Here are some of his pictures doing some of the spells.

assumptio cute heal level up lex aeterna lightning bolt stats

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