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Thursday, November 3, 2011


“I am SYKES” is the “battle cry” or slogan of Sykes Asia Inc. Their official motto is “Real People. Real Solution” but if you apply for a job with them, you’ll watch a presentation that promotes the slogan “I am SYKES” as being synonymous with “I am the ultimate solution”. That whole presentation is inspiring and it’s one of the best things I remember from that call center.

“I am SYKES” is also the name of my Royal Guard, a character in the online game Ragnarok. I’ve created that character while I was still working for Sykes Asia (2007-2008). It’s only now that I reached the highest level of 150 (it used to be 99, but after the 3rd jobs were release, the highest level right now for a Ragnarok 3rd job is 150).

Of all the call centers I’ve ever worked for (Alorica, Convergys, Teleperformance, etc.), it’s only Sykes Asia that I promoted in the online community. Whenever I am playing “I am SYKES” in game, I always get reactions or questions on what site of Sykes Asia I am currently employed.

“I am SYKES” is one of my favorite characters in the game since he is pure vitality (VIT) meaning he has the highest Hit Points (HP) or Life of all my characters. He can sometimes survive an extreme attack from a player like Extremity Fist (EF) of a Sura or Champion.

“I am SYKES” has skills like Devotion (which can save your guild mates during the War of Emperium) and Sacrifice (dealing 9% of his Maximum HP as damage to players or monsters). Also, he can ride a Gryphon in the game and since the patch El Dicastes was release, he can also have a mount (animal ride) in the form of a lion. I’ll probably purchase a lion in the game and show you how he could look fearsome with a lion.

For now, here as some of “I am SYKES” screenshots:

SYKES 150 gryphon SYKES close up SYKES stats

“Ang wafu n’ya noh?” (He’s gorgeous, right?)

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