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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Orchids of Torres Ville

Torres Ville Pool Resort at Antipolo City has a decent collection of Philippine Orchids and other flowers. I don’t know exactly what breed or exact species of orchids do they have at this pool resort, but let me share with you the photos I took.

I can imagine how wonderful these orchids could have looked like if I used a DSLR. No worries, I can almost smell our 13th month pay. I’m sure, once I have it I’ll go straight to SM Megamall and look at some of the most recent models of DSLR.

For the meantime, I’m still using my reliable Canon PowerShot A495 which I’ve been using for more than a year now. This is the camera I’ve been using ever since I begun blogging at the old blog, Elmer Loves Oreo. I suddenly have a feeling of nostalgia. I posted a similar entry in that blog about the orchids of my friend in Nueva Ecija. I sure hope I could take more pictures of orchids.

How I wish an expert from the Philippine Orchid Society would stumble upon these pictures and identity the names of these orchids from Torres Ville.


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