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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My First AdBrite Check

I received my first check (from blogging) today. It’s courtesy of Black Label Ads a.k.a. ADBRITE BLA, INC. of San Francisco, CA. The amount is $50.30 and I got a rush of adrenaline when I saw the envelope today from the courier.


After a few minutes, the reality sinks in. How on Earth will I encash a US dollar check here in the Philippines? The check doesn’t have any logo of a Philippine bank! So I made a few Google search on “how to encash an AdBrite check in the Philippines”. I got a couple of suggestions and information from different bloggers in the country.

I called UnionBank Shaw Blvd., BPI Pasig Mabini and Western Union Customer Service to validate the information I got from the Internet. There are two ways to encash my AdBrite US dollar check:

  1. I need to open a US dollar bank account – The minimum amount to open a US dollar account in UnionBank is $500. They can’t deposit it on a peso account nor the Cashsense ATM (much to my disappointment). I’ve read online that in BDO the minimum amount to open a dollar account is $200.
  2. Have the AdBrite check received at the bank – BPI Pasig Mabini confirmed that I can have the check received by them and wait 45 banking days for the check to be cleared. The check that I got doesn’t have the words “for deposit” so according to the teller; this AdBrite check I got is “for collection”. The problem is, they only accept a check that has a $100 minimum amount.

As for Western Union, they denied the Internet information that they are receiving checks for deposit or exchange to Philippine Peso. Western Union is still for sending and receiving money.

The default settings of my Black Label Ads account is set to generate a check every $100 dollars but a few months back, I changed it to $50 so that I can see the check and experience converting it to Philippine Peso.

Now I went back to my Black Label Ads settings and revert it back to $100 and hoping that I could encash my 2nd check. What would I do with my first AdBrite check? I’ll just have it framed and hang to my wall as a souvenir.

Have you ever encash an AdBrite check? What’s your first AdBrite check story?



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