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Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Year Friendship Anniversary Honza!

Honza is my Caucasian Czech friend whom I’ve been exchanging emails for almost 3 years now. Our 3rd year Friendship Anniversary is actually on the 17th of August, 2012. I’m just excited to greet him thus I’m already posting my blog post about him now.

3rd anniversary

I saw Honza’s profile on Gay Friend Match and I sent him an email on August 15, 2009 saying:


I read your profile from and you seems like a good guy! What's your name by the way?

I'm Elmer, 32 years old from the Philippines. I'm also looking for penpals around the world. I hope we could get to know each other soon.

Hope to hear from you!


Honza replied back on the same day saying:

I am very ordinary guy from the Czech Republic, looking for penpals all around the world in order to know more about foreign countries and about people living there. We can talk about everything.

I am especially interested in people who prefer the spiritual life to the perfect body and who know how nice this world can be

I look forward to your e-mails

It seems that I wasn’t able to reply immediately so he made a follow-up email saying:

Hello Elmer

Thanks a lot for writing.

Well, my name is Honza ( it is an informal shape of the name Jan ). I am 31 years old and I live in Jihlava which is a smaller town in the centre of the Czech Republic at about 120 km far from Prague ( our capital ). I work here as a shop assistant and sometimes I work as a guide in the local historical Underground Labyrinth, because I like guiding and tourists and languages

I am single but I do not look for partner by this way, I think that the relationships on the distant do not work. How about you? Are you engaged? If you are interested be sure to write. I look forward to your email.


I finally replied back saying (or should I say, emailing):

Hi Honza!

Thank you so much for writing back! I really hope we could get along very well and have good correspondence.

I'm also a single guy and is not engage with anyone. I do have lots of good male friends but no lover at this moment. I'm meeting guys around my vicinity, in Pasig City, but I can't find the right guy for me. Maybe it would take some time. I also don't believe in long distance relationship (among lovers) but I certainly believe that 2 guys living half-way around the world can be the best of friends.

I'm an average happy-go-lucky Filipino guy. I'm Catholic (but I'm not religious) and I work in a Call Center as a Customer Service Representative. It's my way of improving my oral and written English since our clients are based in the USA. I've been working in the Call Center Industry for almost 3 years now. Prior to that, I work in a construction firm as a Clerk.

I'm a guy who loves playing computer games. I'm also into novels, movies and music. I'm fascinated with the vampire myth -- that is why I read almost all novels about vampires. Have you heard about the novel-to-film "Twilight"? It's a huge box office movie about a gorgeous vampire.

Regarding relationship, I had a boyfriend for about a year and a good sexual buddy as well. I do enjoy monogamous sex a lot.

Tell me more about you. Can you send me some pictures? I'm inserting a picture of me using my cellphone Nokia.

Take care always and hope to hear from you soon!


From those first few exchanges of emails, we soon find each other celebrating our 1st Friendship Anniversary and our 2nd Friendship Anniversary. I can’t remember exactly why our friendship anniversary is during the 17th of August (when in fact, I sent him my first email on August 15, 2012). I guess I was the one who suggested that date and I erroneously saw my Thunderbird client showing that I sent the email August 17. It’s only now that I am certain that I sent the email August 15, 2009.

Well, the important thing is that we’ll be celebrating our 3rd Year Friendship Anniversary very soon. So far, Honza is the 2nd guy that I’ve been exchanging emails with the longest. The longest foreign pen pal I had was Geoffrey, a Canadian guy around my age, who, I’ve been exchanging emails for 4 years until his untimely death in 2004.

Honza is tied for 1st place with my first love John as the closest guy I have ever met. I have talked with Honza (through email) on EVERYTHING under the sun. I feel very comfortable when I share the things that have been bothering me with Honza.

Honza, I just wanted to thank you for being friends with me for almost 3 years. I hope we’ll celebrate more friendship anniversaries in the future and hopefully, we’ll meet in person soon. Take care always and I love you my friend!

Photo taken from here.

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