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Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Lazy Afternoon At C6 Road

I live in Nagpayong (sub-barangay of Pinagbuhatan), Pasig City and for the longest time, I wanted to visit the Nagpayong (Pinagbuhatan) Station of the Pasig River Ferry. Unfortunately, the ferry service stopped its operation this year and I wasn’t able to take a ride on it. It could have been a very nice and leisurely alternative to riding the Pasig-Quiapo jeep since the ferry would go all the way to Escolta, Manila. Nevertheless, I still visited the place this afternoon and took some picture.


From Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan (Pasig City) I took a tricycle that travels to Kenneth, Pinagbuhatan. It’s the boundary between Pasig City and Bicutan, Taguig. There is also a road that leads to Taytay, Rizal and that is the C6 Road. There is a bridge that connects Pasig City to Bicutan, Taguig and this area has a small talipapa (market) that sells large maya-maya, bangus, gurami, and hito.

Across this bridge, there are a lot of small stores along the C6 Road that sells motorbike accessories. This is a busy place and there are people who spend their afternoon here. There is also a marsh area in the vicinity where ducks are raised. This part of Pasig River leads to Laguna de Bay and there are several boats that travel from Laguna de Bay to Pasig City.

c6 map

It’s a nice place to spend the afternoon. I could have stayed a few more hours to watch the sunset but since it’s cloudy, I decided to head home. I really felt sorry for the Nagpayong (Pinagbuhatan) Ferry Station. It’s aesthetically beautiful and located just beside the C6 Road (a prime location) yet it’s closed to the public. I sure hope that the Pasig River Ferry would be revived soon.

I also noticed that the C6 Road is very busy with commuters and I found out from the Internet that this road actually links McArthur Highway near SM Marilao (Bulacan) to Cavite City without passing through Metro Manila.


The Nagpayong (Pinagbuhatan) Ferry Station is near a detachment unit of the Coast Guard


The talipapa under the Pasig-Taguig bridge


The signage to Bicutan, Taguig City


Bonifacio Global City in the background


To Pasig City and Taytay, Rizal


The bridge that connects Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City to Bicutan, Taguig City

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