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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Life and Rebirth of Gael

merry christmas from gael

Aside from looking for my soulmate, I’m a bit busy playing Ragnarok Online. I finally decided to have my knight named Gael change to a lord knight (the next job level to knight).

In Ragnarok Online, there is a concept called rebirth. When a character reaches level 99 (the highest for 1st and 2nd jobs), they have the option to undergo a rebirth and progress to a transcendent job then the 3rd job.

Let’s talk about the “career path” of my character named Gael. He started out as a novice then progress to the first job: magician, thief, acolyte, swordsman, merchant or archer. He decided to be a swordsman. Upon reaching the maximum job level of 50, he has the choice of whether becoming a crusader (which later becomes a paladin, then royal guard) or a knight. Gael chose to be a knight.

Upon reaching the maximum level of 99, he then meets with the Valkyrie and decides to do a rebirth. Meaning, he’ll start another life and begins as a high novice. Then from a high novice, he levels up to high swordsman and then a lord knight.

Right now, Gael is a lord knight and hopes to be at level 99 again very soon. Upon reaching level 99, he can then transform to a 3rd job: rune knight. Then he aims to be at the maximum level (for a 3rd job) of 150. So, for some Ragnarok characters, he have to be at level 99 twice and then at level 150. That’s how tough life is at the Ragnarok world.

Now think about this: I have more than 24 characters (in 5 different accounts) in Ragnarok online and some of them aim to be at level 150.

99 knight

Gael’s rebirth started when he reached level 99 for the first time.


He meets with the Valkyrie and wished to be reborn.

high novice

He then starts his 2nd life as a high novice.

high swordsman

After killing some porings, fabres and lunatics, he becomes a high swordsman.

versus orc

He then kills more monsters.

lord knight

Until he reaches the level required to be a lord knight.

lk with orc

Then off to the killing fields again.

clashing spear

He then acquires a mount (ride) in the form of a grand peco. Then obtains a very useful skill: Clashing Spiral.

levelup with sohee



More level-ups! And soon, he’ll become a rune knight. I’ll keep you updated on the life and rebirth of Gael.

merry christmas from gael2

For the meantime, Gael wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

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