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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank You David Beckham!

I saw my mom watching the friendly football match between our very own Philippine Azkals and David Beckham’s team L.A. Galaxy on Studio 23 a few minutes ago. She’s telling me how gorgeous David Beckham is and that a lot of Filipino celebrities are watching the match. That’s how popular David Beckham is that even my mom is nuts over him!


I actually want to thank the Philippine Azkals for making football popular here in the Philippines. I also want to thank David Beckham for making football even more popular. Also, I want to thank him for including Manila in his Asia Pacific tour.

His Manila visit is definitely a great publicity for the country and sending out a clear message that yes, there is a country in the Pacific called the Philippines that has fascination with football. Also, it’s clearly saying that it’s safe to travel in the country, in spite of all the travel bans being issued against the Philippines.

I never knew how the British people in general are into football (and tea) until our UK training 2 years ago. Now, seeing how David Beckham and the L.A. Galaxy play the sport gives me an idea how jam-packed a United Manchester (British football team) match is. Truly, football is something a Filipino and a British guy could talk about. Thank you David Beckham for making football this popular on Philippine TV.

I must say, I agree with my mom. He’s definitely handsome, athletic and sexy. Not to mention that he’s a HOT dad, a gorgeous model, and a romantic husband. An ideal model for all the straight guys out there.

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