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Sunday, December 25, 2011

You’re As Beautiful As These Flowers

While I’m waiting for Sef’s permission to publish some blog articles about him, I decided to post these wonderful pictures of the flowers in Market! Market!

I love taking pictures of colorful flowers. They’re beautiful and a good way to practice macro photography. Plus, I don’t have to buy them to enjoy their beauty. They can be a bit expensive.

I hope Sef could comment on these pictures for improvement.

My gratitude to Rachelle Ann’s Flower Shop (and to the other flower shops of Market! Market!) for letting me take pictures of their merchandize. You could call them up at 836-4084.

IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0347 IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0366 IMG_0367 IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0373 IMG_0374 IMG_0376 IMG_0377 IMG_0378 IMG_0379 IMG_0383 

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