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Sunday, December 11, 2011


I want to have kids. I just don’t know how. Adoption is very complicated. I guess I just have to find a surrogate mother. Or probably a top gay guy that has a kid (out of wedlock) and willing to have a family… with me! :)

So I’m on Day 2 of my life with a DSLR camera and today I’ve practice photographing kids. It’s a good thing that kids in our neighborhood are very eager to be photographed. I also practiced taking pictures in monochrome (black and white) mode. The Canon EOS 1100D has an option to select monochrome effect prior to taking pictures so no need for Picasa to add an effect. I also love the Sepia effect but I forgot to take pictures of the kids using this option.

You guys must be tired of hearing all about my new camera. I really can’t help it but I’ll try to trim down blog post related to photography. I probably should have a separate blog entirely for photography. This blog should focus on my love life (or the search for that elusive right guy). Don’t worry guys, I have a date on December 15 with a very interesting guy. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

For now, let’s enjoy these pictures of kids.


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