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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pasig City Christmas Presentation 2011

Finally, I got to see the Pasig City Christmas Presentation being shown in front of the Pasig City Hall. It’s a daily show featuring an animated display (and Tagalog version) of “Beauty and the Beast” being stage from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

I don’t know when exactly this Christmas presentation started but it’s been around for years. Every year before Christmas, an elaborate stage/display is being showcased in front of the Pasig City Hall. I thought this is just a simple display until I’ve seen the actual show/presentation.

This year’s theme is the Tagalog version of “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s great to see puppetry at its finest. I’ve heard about this Manila C.O.D. show since I was a kid. It’s an annual Christmas show being staged at the C.O.D department store in Cubao (now Puregold). This is the only time that I’ve actually seen such presentation.

This a joint project of Mayor Bobby and Mrs. Maribel Eusebio, the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig, and the Manila C.O.D. Animated Display. I commend them for having such a wonderful show!

By the way, I’m still uploading the videos I took of this Pasig City Christmas Presentation 2011 on YouTube. I’ve used my newly-acquired Canon EOS 1100D and I’m very satisfied with the quality of the video produced. For now, check out these pictures:

IMG_0234 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0243 IMG_0247 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0252

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