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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

P. Gomez Street, Pasig City

I’m sorry guys for the lack of updates regarding my lovelife. I’m still working on it. Unfortunately, my date last December 15 didn’t push through. Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll be able to meet. Let’s just call him Sef. He’s been occupying my mind lately. He’s a very energetic, charismatic and interesting guy.

Then there’s Dan, the blogger. I also wanted to know him better but he won’t give his number nor personal Facebook page. He’s been an elusive guy. I sure hope he’d open up more to me so that we could know each other better.

Let’s talk about something else.

P. Gomez Street is one of the oldest streets in Pasig City. It’s opposite the Pasig Catholic Church (Immaculate Concepcion Parish) and just behind Rizal’s monument. It has beautiful old houses from Spanish and American era.

As advised by Brian, I took pictures of these houses with the Sepia effect. Also, there’s one modern house in this street that is really an eye candy. I’m still using the automatic feature of my Canon EOS 1100D in these pictures.

Lately, I’ve been taking pictures using the Manual mode. Also, I setup a new blog on Wordpress that would feature my photos exclusively. Moving forward, I’ll be posting my photos there and would just probably post 2-3 pictures here as a preview. I would also learn to blog using Wordpress.

I wanted to focus more on my lovelife, gay stuff and call center career in this blog. This would probably be the last time that I’ll be posting a lot of pictures in one blog article. I hope you enjoy these pictures of P. Gomez Street, Pasig City.

IMG_0150 IMG_0151  IMG_0153   IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0165   IMG_0168 IMG_0169  IMG_0171 IMG_0172

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