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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dream Gadget Come True

Today is a very memorable day for me. I finally bought one of my dream gadgets – a Digital Single-Lens Retractable (DSLR) camera. Thanks to my 13th month pay, I was able to purchase a Canon EOS 1100D.

I consulted a lot of my friends who’s into photography and they all suggested Nikon. I was considering Nikon D3000 when I went to SM Megamall earlier this evening. However, when I saw the two DSLRs in person, I was persuaded to buy the Canon EOS 1100D because of its aesthetics (design). The Canon sales guy also helped in my decision to purchase this camera over Nikon. Lastly, the price added to my decision to go against all my friends’ advice and go with my instinct. Thus, my first DSLR is the Canon EOS 1100D.

Let’s talk first about the price and some basic specifications of the two cameras. The Canon EOS 1100D has a tag price of P29,998. The Nikon D3000 was priced at P27,998. A price difference of P2,000. However, the Canon Sales person can give the Canon EOS 1100D at a cash price of P28,000. Luckily, I have cash!

Let’s talk about the freebies. The Nikon D3000 comes with a strap, a 4gig SD card, 2 year warranty and a bag. The Canon EOS 1100D has 2 beautiful straps, a 8gig SD card, 3 years warranty, a photography book and a beautiful bag.

Now, let’s discuss the sales representative. The Nikon sales lady seems to be busy (although there is only one customer and she has another colleague who’s assisting the said customer). She also mentioned that Canon EOS 1100D is comparable to the Nikon D3100 (the one comes in shiny red). It was priced at P32,000 with a 5% discount making it P30,400. Thus, the Canon EOS 1100D (P28,000) is equivalent to Nikon D3100 (P30,400). That’s according to the Nikon sales lady. She didn’t elaborate on the features of both the Nikon D3000 and Nikon D3100.

The Canon sales guy demonstrated some of the key features of the Canon EOS 1100D including the ability to select the effects of the picture prior to taking a shot. He also mentioned about the ability to do a live view of the subject being taken care of. Plus, the emphasized that it’s definitely for beginners (to DSLR). He also showed that the camera has a short description of the features whenever it is switch to that feature. It helps that I own a Canon digital camera and almost all the basic functions are the same.

Just an added bonus, the sales guy is handsome. Thus, with all the features, warranty, freebies and price, the Canon sales guy persuaded me to purchase it. Lastly, as I was paying for the camera, they gave me a final price of P27,500 and they’ve added a card reader. Talk about going the extra mile!


The competitor: Nikon D3000


The Canon sales guy


The camera without the lens


The free bag


The photography book and SD card


The camera with lens


The whole package at the cash price of P27,500.

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