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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My First Payout From Nuffnang Philippines

Finally, I got paid for blogging. Although I received a check from Black Label Ads before, I wasn’t able to encash it because it requires me to have a dollar account. This is actually my 2nd check I received from blogging and my first payout from Nuffnang Philippines.

first nuffnang pay-out

My first payout from Nuffnang Philippines was P2,396.07.

The minimum amount needed to have a check from Nuffnang Philippines is P2,000. I was able to achieve it last June 5, 2012 after blogging for months. I received an email from Nuffnang Philippines asking me for my bank details since they’re going to deposit it there. I replied back giving them my company payroll ATM account number.

Last August 14, 2012, I received a confirmation email that my check is already on its way. I thought I’ll be receiving a check via snail mail similar to what Black Label Ads did. To my surprised, it was deposited to my payroll ATM account and I was able to withdraw it last August 20, 2012.

The amount is small compared to what other bloggers are receiving on their blog but it’s a good start and it inspires me to work harder as a blogger. This cash amount that I received from Nuffnang Philippines as my first payout is actually just an icing on the cake. With all the movie tickets and items I’ve received through their many events and promo, I have gained so much from being a Nuffnanger. I actually encourage my friends to try blogging not just for the monetary benefits that I get from it but also for the perks and friends that I meet along the way.

From the money that I got from Nuffnang Philippines, I bought Hickok coin purse, a big Fibrella umbrella, magazines (Gadgets Magazine, Men’s Health and Digital Photographer Philippines) and I used it as my baon (allowance) to work. 

How about you, how much was your first payout from Nuffnang Philippines?

first nuffnang pay-out 2

I was thrilled to received this email from Nuffnang Philippines.

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