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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hindi Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito: Intramuros

Literally: It’s Not Forbidden To Shoot Here: Intramuros

I was fooled once by the Facebook Group Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito (BMSD) into believing that there is a fee when you take pictures (for personal use) of Intramuros with a DSLR. It’s actually a misinformation that they’re trying to disseminate to the public and to newbie photographers like me. For the record, it’s not forbidden to take pictures of Intramuros with a digital camera and with a DSLR (for personal use).


You just have to visit the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) in Rizal Park (besides the Department of Tourism office) and secure a Permit-To-Shoot if you’ll be using DSLR. There’s no fee whatsoever if you’ll be taking pictures for personal use only. They do have a fee if you’ll be doing a commercial shoot in Rizal Park and Intramuros. The Facebook group Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito (BMSD) is obviously doing some misinformation so that hobbyist will join their group to lobby the founder’s hidden agenda: to avoid paying for a commercial shoot. Anyway, you can read all about this in my earlier post about my bad experience with that Facebook group.

Anyway, after securing the necessary permits from the NPDC, I took pictures of Rizal Park, Chinese Garden and some portions of Intramuros. I already took pictures of Gen. Luna Street before using a digital camera and this time, I brought along my Canon EOS 1100D. I took pictures of The Manila Cathedral, some establishments and houses along Beaterio and Anda Streets in Intramuros. Check out the following pictures!

I encourage those who just recently purchased a DSLR to take pictures of Rizal Park, Chinese Garden and Intramuros. Just secure the necessary permits and you can shoot to your heart’s desire without paying anything. Don’t be fooled by lies of the Facebook Group Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito (BMSD). Hindi po bawal mag-shoot sa Rizal Park at Intramuros (It’s not forbidden to shoot in Rizal Park and Intramuros).

This was also my first time to take pictures of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Morbai Charts/Maps & Maritime Supplies, Kaisa Angelo King Heritage Center (Bahay Tsino), Blessed Charles De Foucauld Center, among others.


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