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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hagupit ng Habagat (The Aftermath in Pasig City)

Thank God, the sun showed up the whole day today, Thursday, August 09, 2012. At least the flood waters would slowly recede moving forward. It’s been very uncomfortable the past few days.


You probably read about the coincidence between the story of Noah’s Ark and the heavy rains brought about by the southwest monsoon a.k.a. Habagat. The verse in the Bible was Genesis 8:7-12 and the Hagupit ng Habagat (Onslaught of Habagat) occurred the strongest on August 7, 2012 (08-07-12). It was really a coincidence for me, nothing more than that.

You probably also heard about the news that the BPO industry urges workers to work on that day saying that most call center agents support international companies and has nothing to do with the heavy rains that’s happening in Metro Manila. There was even a rumor that circulated on Facebook that Teleperformance defies the government’s declaration of no work in the private sector (including the BPO industry). Thank God, my current company (not Sufferland) gave us 3 days “vacation”. We’re on training anyway. There’s more of that story on my 1st blog here.

Right now, I’m typing this blog article from my brother’s house in Palatiw. My parents and I evacuated to their house yesterday since our bungalow house in Pinagbuhatan was flooded (knee-deep inside the house). My brother’s house is like an island. The house itself is not flooded but the surrounding area is flooded (up to the thigh).

The last time that Pinagbuhatan and Palatiw were flooded like this was during typhoon Ondoy. It took almost a month before the flood waters were completely gone. So I’ll be walking these flooded streets for about a month on my way to work. I hope that I won’t develop alipunga (Athlete’s Foot).

If you have seen the news a while ago on Aksyon TV and 24 Oras, Pasig City is one of the areas affected by the monsoon rains and almost half of the total barangays in Pasig City was mentioned in the news. Pinagbuhatan and Palatiw are definitely submerge in flood waters as I type this.


Our place in Pinagbuhatan on the morning of August 7, 2012 just as the flood waters started to rise up.


My brother’s house is located in Palatiw, Pasig City. It’s also affected by flood waters.

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  1. i just want to know if ung nagpayong lubog din sa baha?


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