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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Bourne Legacy: It’s Worth Watching!

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Mandaue Foam, I was able to watch The Bourne Legacy at Cinema 2 of the Shangri-La EDSA Cineplex earlier this afternoon. Before the movie started, they treated us with delicious garlic bread and iced tea. They also provided us with a medium size (19”x28”) Fantasy Pillow.


I’m a big fan of The Bourne movie series. I’ve watched all 3 movies of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). I’m also a big fan of Jeremy Renner ever since I saw him on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol as well as The Hurt Locker. Not to mention that around 26 minutes of the movie were filmed in Manila, Philippines.

The thing with this 4th movie of the Bourne movie series is that it’s not connected in any way to Jason Bourne himself. His photographs were featured in this 4th installment of this movie and that he was reported to be in New York. Other than that, The Bourne Legacy is a totally new movie with a different storyline.

donation drive

The screening of The Bourne Legacy is also the venue for a donation drive for the victims of the recent flooding in Manila.

I’m not good at telling how the story went and giving synopsis. The only thing that I can tell you is that it’s about this special agent named Aaron Cross. He’s an agent of the same company where Jason Bourne used to work for. They are both agents of this corporation called Outcome. When Jason Bourne went against the corporation, Outcome decided to kill all their special agents, including Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner).

I was waiting on how they’ll end up in Manila and it turns out that a certain drug is being manufactured in Manila that Aaron Cross badly needed. The leading lady knows the location and he was tagged along. My favorite line on the movie was when the leading lady, who happens to be a doctor, told Jeremy Renner’s character that the needed drug is manufactured in Manila.

I love all the Manila scenes – the factory scene, police chase in the narrow streets of Manila, motorbike chase along Taft Avenue, the scene at MRT-Taft, and the last scene of the movie which was shot in some remote island in the Philippines. The Bourne Legacy portrayed Manila as we Filipinos see it – crowded with people, lots of vehicles on the street, a typical barangay with narrow streets, with beautiful islands! It’s like a documentary on what to expect of Manila and the Philippines in general.

Overall, I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars! Naks, parang movie critic talaga! (As if I’m really a movie critic). The Bourne Legacy: it’s definitely worth watching.




I’m certainly a Jeremy Renner fan Smile


These are some of the furniture that Mandaue Foam showcased on the event.


Thank you Mandaue Foam for sponsoring The Bourne Legacy.


The Fantasy Pillow is filled with grade A polyester fiber covered with 100% cotton fabric. It’s definitely a great pillow!

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