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Friday, August 31, 2012

Let’s Help Derek Find His New Anna

You probably have seen the video of Derek before. He’s the cute boy who made a video for the girl of his dream named Anna Banana. He made a follow-up video thanking his viewers for the 1,503,826 hits of his video.

Cute boy Derek singing for Anna Banana

Finally, Anna Banana made a reply to Derek’s video but it’s not what we’re expecting it. As much as we wanted to have a happy ending for Derek and Anna Banana, we find her a bit – mean. Watch her reply to Derek:

The mean girl Anna Banana

See? She’s really mean. To think that Derek is cute – choosy pa s’ya? (she’s too picky). To make matters worst for Derek, his dad, mom and little sister saw Anna Banana’s rejection video.


Good thing Derek has a very supportive family (just like most Filipinos) that will do anything to help him overcome his heartache. They actually have an excellent idea – they setup a website to help Derek look for his new Anna.

The strongest connection are indeed at home

So dear readers, if you’re prettier than Anna Banana with a big heart (just like Derek’s family), why not make a video telling Derek why you should be his new Anna? Sounds fan right? Or you probably know a girl that’s perfect for Derek who’s not as mean as Anna Banana. My blog is actually accepting referrals! You may also visit the website that Derek’s family setup for his search for The New Anna at this website:

Even telecom company PLDT is also helping Derek with his new quest. They’re actually giving away a Samsung Ultrabook and the chance to be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial to the lucky girl. Interested (and qualified) girls out there simply need to submit a video entry on why they should be Derek’s new Anna!

I really wanted to help cute boy Derek find the right girl for him. Sounds like a noble thing to do. I hope this blog would be Derek’s way of finding the perfect Anna for him. Start referring your girl friends to Derek!

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