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Thursday, April 12, 2012

27 Things We Do To Make Our Call Center Life More Exciting


(Picture taken from Malayang Kwento)

They often say that being in the call center means having a boring, routine job. It’s true! Sometimes being in the same account for more than 6 months tires a kolboy (call center agent). This is the period wherein you know almost everything about the account and you could support the customer while sleeping! It’s a challenge for kolboys like me to make the most out of our routine job and be in the same account for more than a year. Here are some of the things that we do to break the ice in our everyday call center life.

1. Join the bay decoration contests

2. Join a singing or dancing contests

3. Attend team buildings

4. Join sports events and different hobby clubs

5. Be a part-time photographer

6. Be a blogger

7. Be an Avon or a shoes dealer

8. Be a part-time Real Estates agent

9. Finish your college course

10. Climb the corporate ladder -- be a Subject Matter Expert, TL, Workforce, trainer or Quality Assurance (QA)

11. Join bazaars and apply for credit cards, loans, etc.

12. Buy products during Vendors Events (camera, watches, cameras, etc)

13. Attend account parties and other corporate events

14. Read jokes via emails or shared folders

15. Chat with your seatmate during avail time (idle time)

16. Join DotA sessions after shift

17. Have team lunch in the nearest fast food chain

18. Order pizza and have it delivered at your pantry

19. Have fishball and kikiam for meryenda

20. Drink at the nearest bar after work

21. Collect souvenirs and put it in your ID lace

22. Change your mug once a while

23. Buy Starbucks coffee once in a while

24. Travel to Boracay, Pagudpod, Puerto Gallera, Anawangin etc.

25. Draw using Paint

26. Have your pictures taken during photo booths

27. Master MS Excel (one of the most useful software in the call center industry)

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