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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Lover, The CEO


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I envy Glenn. He's the CEO of his own company that's been in the business for more than 2 years now. Their company, PHILWEBPLANS, is a service-oriented company that provides hosting, web design, and SEO services among others.

They have their own office at E. Rodriguez and he has his own workstation. He has his own schedule, he can log-off anytime, he can play loud music and he has absolute freedom in his office.

I actually envy him for having his own company. I really envied seeing his name in their DTI permit. That's how independent my partner is.

We usually chat via Skype in the afternoon. He uses their CCTV camera as his Skype camera! I can see how he works in their office. He also calls me at home frequently. Glenn is a bit obsessed at chatting with me all the time!

One time, I brought my laptop in their office so that he could have an idea on the contents of my laptop. I also explored his desktop computer. It's very clean! No adult videos or pictures. It's purely a work PC in contrast to my laptop.

sunglasses My lover Glenn is very handsome – at least to my naked eyes.

Glenn also meets with potential clients outside of their office. It gives him the much needed atmosphere outside of the office. Unlike me who's confine in the office 9 hours a day!

Due to the nature of his work (i.e. meeting clients) he seldom wears t-shirt. In contrast to my wardrobe which is 90% t-shirt and jeans! Glenn is more on polo, slacks and polo-shirt. He prefers the brand Oxygen while I'm into No Fear.

I am hoping that one of these days, he'll train me to be a SEO specialist as well and be able to work as a part-time employee of my lover, the CEO.

By the way, they were recently featured on GMA 7’s Saksi. Watch the video.

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