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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Week 2012

holy week 2012Today is Maundy Thursday and I much as I wanted to participate with church activities (being Catholic), I can't since I have work today and tomorrow. My rest days are on Saturday and Sunday.

Being in the call center industry for more than 5 years now, I haven't participated in the Holy Week celebration. First, we usually have work schedule during Holy Week. There is no holiday in the call center industry. It's work 24x7x365.

I don't experience going home to our province (Bulacan) and observe the celebration. I don't participate in the Exodus to the provinces. It's true with other major holidays in the Philippines (like All Saint's Day).

By the way, I just arrived from work by the way, so in a few minutes, I'll make love to my bed. I'll probably wake up around 3pm, have my lunch and chat with my partner Glenn. He would also work during Holy Week.

Tomorrow, we'll go to Ternate, Cavite to take some vacation. Initially, it was set to Saturday but something happened along the way and it's now set for tomorrow. Hopefully, everything works fine. We'll meet at Shaw Boulevard (I'll be coming from Bonifacio Global City and he'll be coming from QC) and then ride a bus going to Cavite.

My shift tonight starts 10PM until 7am tomorrow (Good Friday). Since it's a legal holiday, we'll be paid additional 100%. That's the advantage of working in the call center industry. If your schedule falls on a regular holiday, you really have to work.

The disadvantage of this would be during Christmas and New Year where we wanted to be at home. In the past 5 years, I've been spending New Year's Eve at the office. Why? December 31 is a Special Holiday (Last Day of the Year) and January 1 is a Regular Holiday. So I'll hit two holidays on one shift.

Not to mention that there is no traffic during holidays, which makes going to work a pleasurable thing. Our company also provides some free meals during these occasions.
Today, since it is Maundy Thursday, they've converted our Recruitment Area into a Prayer Room. There are also other activities in the office starting tonight's shift in observance of the Holy Week. So we're not truly left out during holidays. We're just celebrating it at work, with extra pay.

What are your plans for today and tomorrow? How do you celebrate Holy Week?

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